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Back from Dragon*Con...
I've been home for several hours, but I'm back home from D*C. I missed Trevor (he couldn't go), but I still had an amazing time, and man oh man, do I have a lot to talk about.

But not yet. Give me a few weeks. This con report might take a while.

Met another on the f-list today...
Dr. McNinja

Glad we finally got the chance to meet! It took too long. And BTW, you're way cooler than me. XD

An update on things...
Garret Backstab
Well, the last few weeks haven't EXACTLY been eventful because I've been studying, but I can tell you a few things.

I saw Pirates 4 (in 3D, of course) a few weeks ago, and I must admit, I really liked it. I thought it was better than the last two, and I thought At World's End was pretty good, so yeah. The weekend after I saw Pirates, I checked out The Hangover, Part 2, which I thought was really funny, but a million times more crude and raunchy than the first. To be honest, as funny as it was, I don't know how much replay value it has behind it. Seriously. Not to spoil it, but it came off a lot like the first.

I've also been taking a few practice tests, and I've passed them all, but damn, one book in particular has questions that are FREAKIN' HARD!!!

Anyways, I'm at least doing well on that front, aaaand...I started working last week, so I'll be getting my first paycheck as a Physical Therapist on Wednesday. Just FYI, there's no temp license; I work under someone else's until I pass the board exam. That's how it works in Maine, anyway.

Peace out.

The last few months...
Dr. McNinja
It's been a while since I've posted on here, and I admit, I've gone through quite the roller-coaster ride, which I'll get to detail on:
- My first clinical almost got me marked as fail when I was assessed. I managed to prove to my professors that I deserved a pass because my instructor at the clinic and I were in conflict several times over how we took care of patients. It wasn't intense or anything like that (I've gone back to the clinic twice since it ended), it was simply differences of opinion. I know my stuff.
- This last semester was LONG, even though it was only 8 weeks. However, it finally came to an end, and I did fairly well overall. There was a ton of busy work, which really got on our nerves because it largely prevented us from studying for the board exam (which I have to take on either June 30th or September 7th, no in-between).
- Plans for Dragon*Con have been set in motion. I've paid for at least half the hotel at this time, and hope to have a new Batman and version 2 of my original character ready by then. With Dr. McNinja, of course. I never get tired of that thing...yet. XD
- During our last week, much fun was had with most of the class. It was a bit of a pain interacting with members of the class at times because it's so clique-y and I'm not part of any of these groups, but I managed to have tons of fun. I've tried to be friends with most of the class and have no regard for their little groups, so there you go. There was a lot of drinking and I took great joy in seeing my classmates get shit-faced with me. I learned a few lessons from October, so I drank water from time to time on my drinking nights. It worked. No hangovers.
- Yesterday, our class were finally handed our diplomas and we are now Doctors of Physical Therapy. After, I joined some of the class for more festivities (and drinking). I tried Jell-O shots for the first time in my life. They're really tasty, but the wave of alcohol can hit you pretty hard. A few folks partied a little too hard and there was a little inappropriate behavior, but only a little and not much to be concerned about. That's the gist of it.

So far, I've been feeling really good. All the long years of school are finally over and I feel very proud of where I've gone. Unfortunately, most of my classmates will likely not be in the area after this, i.e. everyone's starting to go their seperate ways. As much as I hated the nature of our class, I truly came to like everyone in the class. They're all nice people, and I'm going to miss them dearly. Despite that, I'm looking forward to the future.

For now, though, it's time to study for the boards and get ready for Dragon*Con. :)

Dr. McNinja
I just realized the last time I got a comment on one of my entries was three months ago. Kinda makes me wonder if I'm talking to myself and no one is reading this thing?

It's offficial: I'm psychic...
Dr. McNinja
A year ago, I said Bane would make an excellent villain for the next Batman movie. I gave multiple reasons, the top being that he's the only villain to truly beat Batman. I thought he'd work because he'd take the Bat to his limit. Well, whatever my reasons, I think some of you already know the announcement from Chris Nolan:

Bane's the next villain.

That's how it's going down right now, anyway. Go ahead, tell me I nailed it.

What to do, what to do...
Dr. McNinja
Well, my parents will probably be in Canada for New Years, but not me. The folks they're visiting are nice, make no mistake, but they're more my parents' friends than mine, and I want to see my friends.

Anyway, I need to drink some, but alas, can't get hammered because I still need to drive home. *sigh*. No matter, lol, I'll still be able to see some folks I know, so no big.

Yeah, that's it. Nothing new, really.

Ho ho ho...
I think there was secretly some sex scandal involved up in that shit. There had to be.

Anyway, Christmas is two days away, and I'm excited, but not for the presents, just for the fact it's the first in some time I've been well. Strangely, I gave my phone number to a girl today under the pretext if she had additional questions on a desk check I gave her, she should call me. She'll probably see through it and she probably has a boyfriend anyway, but hey, guy's gotta try, right? She was very beautiful, so I had to take a shot. :)

Once again, Comic-Con is a pain in the ass. I WANT MY DAMN BADGE. The sooner I get it, the cheaper my flight. I'm actually trying to set up the flight so I can spend a few days with my cousin in North Carolina, then fly over to San Diego, spend a day to check out the city, then head back home. At least, that's the idea. I may switch to Dragon*Con just because of that.

All right, signing out. MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!!!!!

Dr. McNinja
I should've posted a few days ago, but no matter. Making up for it now.

Well, thankfully, I have only 3 finals this semester. Count 'em, THREE!!! That's right, not six, seven, or eight like in semesters past, but three. How kickass is that shit?

Anyway, I just wanted to say life is pretty peachy. It's Christmas season, how could it not be. I will say, however, that I will miss my classmates because we clinical after break and (likely) won't see each other until March, and even then, we have class for eight weeks, then graduation. I'm really looking forward to finally ending school, but I will miss my classmates. Many are from different parts of the country, so that will suck, but I'm trying not to think about that right now.

For now, things be pimpin'.

I did it...
Dr. McNinja
This afternoon, I finally told everyone on my FaceBook about the friend I've been talking about. It was a long write, but I felt that with Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow and me having a lot to be thankful for these days, I felt now was the best time to finally tell my classmates about him. I didn't reveal his name, but I did reveal that it took someone to help me through the process.

In all, I do have a great deal of appreciation for my classmates. They're great people, really, and I can't help but feel gratitude for them.

I wanted to be brief, so I'll just say for my American friends (Canadians had it last month): Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


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